Great Northern Clubhouse

Great Northern Club House

Søren Jensen

Since 2018, Transparence has been responsible for performing project controlling at consulting engineering company, Søren Jensen A/S. Transparence covers the company’s entire project portfolio.

Søren Jensen A/S has a total annual turnover of around 130 MDKK, and with continuously more than 500 open projects, solid management and knowledge of the project economy is extremely essential for navigating, bringing transparency and not least communicating any financial deviations at an early stage.

“Over the last 4 years, we at Søren Jensen have had a good and trusting collaboration with Transparence, who has helped us to create a financial overview of our projects – whether small or big” – says Chairman of the Board of Directors at Søren Jensen Consulting Engineering Company and 3rd Generation Owner, Frank Jensen

The complexity of handling so many projects require an enormous insight and knowledge on project economy, and the different aspects that lie within the individual project.

In this context, it also requires the ability to create an overview, and possess a proactive mindset also in relation to collaboration across the organization.

“Transparence handles the financial project controlling in close cooperation with our various project managers and project teams, and at the same time Transparence has been an important contributor to how we should organize the overall set-up for the company in relation to our project governance. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and their great knowledge about the financial management of projects” – concludes Chairman and Owner, Frank Jensen

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