Project controlling



Transparency and overview are an important part of the project economy, and any key aspect of a project. Whether it is quality, time, cost or resources, the interaction between these must be measurable at any given time and assessed financially using the correct tools and methods.

We only use known tools that we know work. We adapt and optimize these to fit the needs of the company. We do this based on our many years of experience, and from our confidential cooperation with our customers.

‘One Size Fits All’ does not fit with our mindset.

We can be part of the entire process, or only partially, it all depends on the company’s needs.

  • Anchor Budget
  • Baseline Budget
  • Realised Numbers
  • Estimate to Complete
  • Estimate at Completion
  • Project Portfolio Update
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Project P&L

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