About us

Transparence is a Danish consulting company with many years of experience in value-creating financial management and management, which means that transparency lies deep in our DNA and mindset.
Our team of highly experienced consultants are focusing on providing a best-in-class service to our customers, where transparency and quality are just some of our values.

Our Story

Back in 2018 Søren Jensen Project Controlling was established as a sister company to the consulting engineering company Søren Jensen.

We did this as we believed there was a lack of companies providing consultancy services within Project Controlling. Through our own experiences, we have seen what a positive difference it brings to a project, or a portfolio of projects, that the economy is in control from project start – and we believe in all modesty that we can help, both small and large project-driven companies, to achieve this.

Since the beginning in 2018, we have expanded our services to include Project Risk Management and CFO services, . This so that we can assist with risk management in relation to a project or a portfolio of projects, as well as provide financial management in all aspects within the business.

Today we are called Transparence. As we work in an international environment with many of our customers, it is important that the name makes sense in a Scandinavian and International context. In addition, we think transparence describes quite accurately what it is we would like to bring to our customers. Whether we are working on a specific project, a portfolio of projects or in relation to a company’s overall financial set-up, it is our most distinguished task to bring financial transparency, at an early stage, so that the best possible foundation for decision-making at management level is given – to create a transparent and reliable foundation for decision-making for our customers, is in essence, the whole focal point of Transparence.


Our core areas are Project Controlling, Project Risk Management and CFO services, and our services cover all phases of a project lifecycle, as well as all aspects within the CFO area.

Transparence is an agile and innovative consulting company based on a simple business model, which leads to low fixed costs, and especially a high value for money in our service to our customers.

Our goal is to provide the essential transparency in relation to the company’s needs at all times. Transparency not only creates a better foundation for decision-making, to ensure better results. Transparency creates overview. Transparency creates ownership and vigour.

All extremely important in order to navigate in the process and creating results. This applies to both internal and external stakeholders.

That is why our name is TRANSPARENCE…

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