Jonas profilbillede

”Illustration Indigo Consortium: LINK Architecture – Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects – Creo Architects – OJ Consulting Engineers – Brix & Kamp Consulting Engineers – NNE – Royal Haskoningen DHV

“It is a major force for a project to have a professional financial consultant on the project in relation to establish and maintain the reporting as it creates transparency in data, a strong basis for decision-making and an opportunity to explain historical project development” – says Project Director, Lars Kirkegaard


Transparence has for a number of years assisted with the financial management of the Indigo Consortium. The Consortium consists of 4 engineering companies and 3 architectural companies which have been responsible for the implementation of the total management contracts for NAU. The consultants from Transparence have been involved in defining the economic governance structure of the Consortium, both in terms of system set-up and the related economic processes.

With a project worth more than DKK 4 billion, a completion time of more than 10 years and 7 equal consortium members, it has been crucial for the consortium from the start that the financial area has been under control and that there have been clear guidelines and transparency for how the financial management should take place – for this we have prioritised from the start to have professional and committed people on board, and the cooperation with Transparence has proven to be the right decision” – says Project Director, Lars Kirkegaard

At an early-stage Transparence developed the entire financial reporting package to be used for both the internal and external set-up. A set-up and a structure that has proven viable throughout.

When a project runs for a number of years, with a number of stakeholders, it may also be necessary at times to adjust the fundamental economic distribution between the parties. For example, the Indigo project decided at some point to implement fixed-price delivery packages for the various project partners, which required a major reassessment of the overall economy.

“The rethinking of the project structure was decided partly because of the forecast on the overall final economy, presented by Transparence at a relatively early stage in the project, and the entire rewriting of the overall economy and the new distribution was also carried out by Transparence – which throughout the process has proved worthy of our trust” – concludes Project Director, Lars Kirkegaard